Land Tax Exemption in NSW: Supporting Childcare and Education Services

When it comes to land tax exemptions in New South Wales (NSW), there are specific provisions that cater to the needs of approved childcare and education services. These exemptions play a crucial role in encouraging and supporting the provision of quality education and care for children. In a recent case, Mourched v Chief Commissioner of State Revenue (NSW) 2023 ATC ¶20-873; [2023] NSWSC 668, the Supreme Court shed light on the exemptions applicable to land used for childcare services, including ancillary services. Let's delve deeper into the details of this case and its implications.

Under section 10(1)(u) of the Land Tax Management Act 1956 (NSW), land used solely for the purpose of providing childcare services may be eligible for exemption from land tax. To qualify, the land must serve as the place where children are educated or cared for by the service. The case in question revolved around the interpretation and application of this exemption.

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