Hiring cars for employees is subject to FBT

Q: The department lends short-term hire cars to senior executives when their own cars are being repaired. Most of these costs are covered by insurance. Andrew's car was damaged in an accident, so he got a hire car from the department. The department paid $660 for the hire, but they got $400 back from insurance. What kind of benefit is this, and how is it taxed? Does the insurance refund affect the tax? What if the insurance company provided the hire car directly? Any exemptions?

Division 7A & FBT

Question: A dwelling owned by a private limited company is proposed to be leased to its directors and shareholders (the mother and father) for residential use. The property won't be the main home of the parents. They will pay a fair market rent for the property. Is it true that since they are paying market rent, there will be no payment for Div 7A purposes as per section 109CA(11) of ITAA 1936? If the parents aren't company employees, are there any other tax implications from the proposed lease?

Salary sacrifice & FBT

Q: If a not-for-profit offers salary sacrifice below $30,000 annually, should reportable fringe benefits be included in employee PAYG payment summaries?

Pay FBT on the subcontractor’s car benefit?

Q: A client gives a subcontractor car benefits. The subcontractor works within the client's business but doesn't take on any risk for the work. The payment to the subcontractor is subject to payroll tax. Does the client need to pay FBT on the subcontractor’s car benefit?

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