Understanding the Recent Changes in GST: ATO Withdraws Decision on Multi-Purpose Compression Socks


Understanding the Recent Changes in GST: ATO Withdraws Decision on Multi-Purpose Compression Socks

In a recent turn of events, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has made a significant decision reshaping the landscape of Goods and Services Tax (GST) considerations for multi-purpose compression socks. The ATO's withdrawal of its interpretative decision has created ripples in the business world, urging a closer examination of the new guidelines set forth by the authority.

Withdrawal of ATO Interpretative Decision:

The ATO's move to retract Interpretative Decision ATO ID 2003/953 stems from concerns about potential misconceptions surrounding the initial decision. The crux of the matter, as highlighted by the ATO, lies in the clarity of criteria for the GST-free status of compression socks. It has been underscored that this exemption is conditional upon the explicit design of the socks for individuals facing illness or disability, excluding common use by those without such conditions. The determination of GST status is now subject to careful examination of the unique circumstances in each case.

Key Considerations:

To unravel the nuances of the revised guidelines, businesses need to focus on key considerations:

1. Specific Design for Illness or Disability:

The ATO insists that compression socks must have a specific design intended for individuals dealing with illness or disability to qualify for GST exemption. This stringent criterion ensures that tax relief is directed towards products tailored to the unique needs of those confronting health challenges.

2. Limited Use by Individuals without Illness or Disability:

The widespread use of compression socks by the general population becomes a pivotal factor in determining their GST status. If these socks find extensive use beyond individuals with health challenges, they might not meet the criteria for GST exemption. Therefore, evaluating the prevalence of the product in the broader market becomes crucial.

3. Case-by-Case Determination:

The ATO emphasizes that the assessment of GST exemption eligibility for compression socks is a case-by-case determination. This underscores the need for businesses involved in the supply of such products to meticulously evaluate the specific circumstances of each transaction to ascertain the applicability of GST.

Current ATO Position:

For businesses seeking clarity on the ATO's current stance, the ATO's webpage on GST and health serves as a valuable resource. The guidelines outlined on this platform detail the parameters that dictate whether a specific supply qualifies for GST exemption, offering businesses a roadmap for compliance.


The recent withdrawal of the ATO's interpretative decision on multi-purpose compression socks serves as a reminder for businesses to stay vigilant amid evolving GST regulations. The emphasis on specific design for health-related purposes and restricted use by the general population necessitates a careful case-by-case assessment. Adhering to the current ATO position and seeking professional advice can be instrumental in helping businesses navigate these changes and ensure compliance with the latest guidelines.

Source: ATO, ATO Interpretative Decision ATO ID 2003/953, 15 November 2023, accessed 15 November 2023.   

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