The Impact of NSW's Revenue, Mining and Energy Legislation Amendment Bill 2023 on Duties in Employer/Employee Organisation Amalgamations




In the ever-evolving landscape of tax laws and financial regulations, professionals in various fields must stay up-to-date with the latest changes. In New South Wales (NSW), the recent introduction of the Revenue, Mining, and Energy Legislation Amendment Bill 2023 has significant implications for duties related to employer and employee organization amalgamations. This blog post explores the key provisions of the bill and its impact on dutiable property transfers in such scenarios.

The Bill at a Glance

The Revenue, Mining, and Energy Legislation Amendment Bill 2023, introduced in the NSW parliament, aims to amend the Duties Act 1997 (NSW). Its primary focus is to provide exemptions for certain transfers of dutiable properties related to amalgamations of employer or employee organizations.

Key Provisions of the Bill

Exemption for Transfers: The bill proposes to introduce an exemption from duty for the transfer of dutiable property to specific employer or employee organizations, or their trustees. This exemption comes into effect when the transfer is a result of the withdrawal of an employer or employee organization from an amalgamation involving two or more employer or employee organizations.

Amendment to the Duties Act 1997: The bill aims to make relevant amendments to the Duties Act 1997 to accommodate these exemptions. It ensures that the transfer of property as described is legally exempt from duty, reducing the financial burden on parties involved in such amalgamations.

Targeted Relief: The bill's provisions are designed to provide targeted relief, specifically to organizations and individuals involved in employer or employee organization amalgamations. This measure recognizes the unique circumstances surrounding these amalgamations and seeks to ease the financial implications of property transfers in such cases.

Source: Revenue, Mining and Energy Legislation Amendment Bill 2023, NSW parliament website, 11 October 2023, accessed 12 October 2023.  

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