The Future of Superannuation: Examining the Proposed Payday Super System


In a groundbreaking move aimed at strengthening retirement savings for Australians, the government has initiated consultations on a significant budget measure that has the potential to reshape how employers handle superannuation payments. Termed "payday super," this proposed change would require employers to make superannuation guarantee (SG) contributions on the same day they pay employee salaries and wages. With consultations now underway and a proposed implementation date of July 1, 2026, it's crucial to delve into this transformational development in Australia's superannuation landscape.

Understanding Payday Super

The concept of payday super is straightforward, yet its implications are far-reaching for both employees and employers. Under this proposed system, employers will be mandated to contribute to their employees' superannuation accounts simultaneously with payroll processing. Currently, employers make super contributions quarterly, causing a delay between income earned and the contribution reaching the employee's superannuation account. Payday super aims to eliminate this lag, ensuring that employees receive their superannuation contributions more promptly.

The Consultation Process

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the Treasury have initiated a consultation process to gather valuable insights from various stakeholders regarding the implementation of payday super. The consultation paper released by the government seeks feedback on two critical aspects:

The Framework for Simultaneous Super and Salary/Wage Payments: This aspect entails determining the logistics and practicalities of aligning superannuation payments with payroll cycles. Questions regarding enforcement mechanisms, potential exceptions, and the impact on diverse industries are open for discussion.

Enhancing Employee Onboarding and Choice of Superannuation Fund: Payday super presents opportunities to streamline the onboarding process for new employees and offer improved choices for selecting their superannuation fund. The consultation paper invites input on how these aspects can be enhanced, benefiting both employees and employers.

Timeline for Implementation

While the government has earmarked July 1, 2026, as the proposed implementation date, there is a well-structured timeline for consultation and planning:

The ATO will engage in consultations with industry stakeholders throughout 2023 and 2024 to design the administrative framework for payday super. This phase will ensure that the practical implementation aligns with the needs and capabilities of businesses across various sectors.

The Treasury's consultation on the legislative design of the "Securing Australians' Superannuation" package is slated for 2024. This phase will shape the legal framework governing payday super, offering clarity on compliance and enforcement mechanisms.

The final day for comments on the proposed payday super initiative is November 3, 2023. This provides an opportunity for all stakeholders, including employers, employees, superannuation funds, and industry associations, to contribute insights and perspectives to the development of this groundbreaking policy.


The introduction of payday super marks a significant stride toward ensuring financial security in retirement for Australians. By synchronizing superannuation contributions with salary and wage payments, this initiative aims to eliminate delays in fund growth, improve retirement savings outcomes, and simplify administrative processes for both employers and employees.

As consultations progress and the legislative framework takes shape, active participation from all stakeholders becomes imperative. This is an opportunity to shape the future of Australia's superannuation landscape, and the feedback gathered during this consultation period will play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of payday super when it is eventually implemented in 2026. Stay engaged for further developments, and make your voice count in this crucial conversation about the future of superannuation in Australia.

Source: Treasury, Securing Australians' superannuation, 9 October 2023, accessed 9 October 2023; Treasurer, Consulting on payday super, [media release], 9 October 2023, accessed 9 October 2023.  

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