Social Security Payment Increases: A Positive Change Starting September 20, 2023


In a heartening development for recipients of social security benefits, the Australian government has unveiled a series of rate adjustments set to become effective on September 20, 2023. These changes form part of the government's ongoing commitment to providing support to individuals and families reliant on government assistance. In this blog post, we'll take an in-depth look at these crucial adjustments and their implications for those who depend on social security payments.

1. Single JobSeeker Payment Receives a Substantial Boost

Single JobSeeker Payment recipients are in for a significant increase in their base payments. Commencing September 20, 2023, these individuals will receive a base payment of $749.20 per fortnight, marking an impressive $56.10 rise. This boost offers essential financial relief to those actively seeking employment and striving to meet their financial obligations.

2. Positive Changes for Parenting Payment Single Recipients

Parenting Payment Single recipients will also benefit from an uplift in their base payment rates. These recipients will see their base payment rate increase to $942.40, reflecting a notable $20.30 enhancement. Furthermore, single parents transitioning to this payment category due to the government's 2023 Federal Budget amendment, extending eligibility until their youngest child turns 14 (previously aged eight), will receive an additional $227.50 per fortnight compared to their current rates, inclusive of supplements. This change is designed to provide added support to single parents during the pivotal child-rearing years.

3. Partnered Rates Witness Significant Upgrades

Recipients on a partnered rate of JobSeeker and Parenting Payment are not overlooked in these adjustments. Their base payment rate will rise to $686.00, signifying a noteworthy $54.80 increase. These enhancements aim to ensure that partnered individuals and families have the financial resources necessary to meet their ongoing needs.

4. Indexation Benefits Age Pension, Disability Support Pension, and Carer Payment Recipients

Through indexation, several other social security payments will also see an increase. The single pension rate will experience a growth of $32.70, reaching $1,096.70, while the combined rate for couples will receive a $49.40 increase, reaching $1,653.40. These adjustments are essential to help these recipients keep pace with the rising cost of living, particularly for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

5. Veterans and Renters Gain Additional Support

Veterans receiving service pensions and the Disability Compensation Payment (Special Rate) will also experience positive changes. Single veterans on a service pension will receive an extra $32.70, bringing their service pension to $1,096.70 per fortnight. Veterans on the Disability Compensation Payment will witness an increase of $53.00 per fortnight, raising their payment to $1,729.20. These adjustments recognize the sacrifices made by veterans and provide them with the financial support they rightfully deserve.

Income support recipients who are renting will also reap the benefits of an increase in the maximum rates of Commonwealth Rent Assistance. These changes result from a 15 percent increase outlined in the 2023 Federal Budget, combined with regular indexation. For single recipients without children, the maximum rate will rise by $27.60 to $184.80 per fortnight. For family payment recipients with one or two children, the maximum rate will increase by $32.34 to $217.28 per fortnight. These adjustments aim to alleviate the financial burden of renting, which can be a substantial expense for many Australians.

6. Income and Assets Limits for Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

Finally, income and assets limits for Commonwealth Seniors Health Card recipients will undergo indexation. For singles, this means an increase of $5,400, raising the limit to $95,400 per annum. For couples combined, the limit will rise by $8,640 to $152,640 per annum. This change ensures that seniors with modest incomes can access essential healthcare services without enduring financial strain.

In summary, these upcoming increases in social security payments represent a significant stride toward providing enhanced financial security to individuals and families across Australia. They underscore the government's unwavering commitment to supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community, assisting them in leading more comfortable lives. As these changes come into effect on September 20, 2023, countless Australians will benefit from this much-needed boost to their payments.

Source: Minister for Social Services Amanda Rishworth, Millions of Australians to receive boost to their payments, [media release] 6 September 2023, accessed 7 September 2023
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