Consultation on Modernizing Individual Tax Residency Rules


In a bid to modernize the individual tax residency rules, the Australian Treasury is seeking public input on a proposed framework based on recommendations from the Board of Taxation's 2019 report. This initiative aims to establish a more robust and contemporary system that aligns with the evolving needs and circumstances of taxpayers. The consultation offers a unique opportunity to contribute to shaping the future of tax residency regulations. In this blog post, we will explore the proposed model, its key features, and the aspects for which Treasury seeks public input.

The Board of Taxation's Proposed Model: The 2019 report by the Board of Taxation introduced a two-step approach to determine individual tax residency. The primary "bright line" test, known as the 183-day test, considers a person physically present in Australia for 183 days or more in any income year as a tax resident. Additionally, the outdated Commonwealth superannuation test will be replaced by a "government officials test."

For individuals not meeting the primary test, secondary tests come into play. These secondary tests apply to those who either commence or cease residency. The Board aimed to ensure that the proposed model adheres to principles of adhesive residency, certainty, simplicity, and integrity. It primarily relies on physical presence as the primary measure of residency, while considering connections that individuals have with Australia. The model emphasizes the use of objective criteria, eliminating the need to assess intentions or scrutinize various facts and circumstances.

Consultation Paper Objectives: The core objective of the consultation process is to develop broad principles that support a modern and robust tax residency framework, minimizing the need for constant rule adjustments due to newly identified issues. To achieve this goal, the Treasury seeks input on several critical design features of the proposed model:

  1. Physical Presence Thresholds: Input is sought on setting appropriate thresholds for the secondary tests for individuals with strong connections to Australia. Finding the right balance will ensure fairness and accuracy in determining tax residency.

  2. Factors for Strong Connections: The consultation seeks feedback on the factors identified to determine an individual's strong connections to Australia. This step is crucial in assessing the overall effectiveness and applicability of the proposed model.

  3. Ceasing Residency: The secondary test for determining when a long-term resident will cease to be a tax resident is another crucial aspect open for public comment. Providing insights on this topic will help refine the rules to align with real-world scenarios.

  4. Overseas Employment Rules: Rules for long-term Australian tax residents departing to take up overseas employment are also subject to consultation. Balancing tax implications for such individuals is a critical consideration.

  5. Transitional Rules: Input is invited on transitional rules to ensure a smooth transition from the existing residency rules to the proposed framework.

Notable Omission: It is worth noting that the government has chosen not to adopt the Board's recommendation to align domestic tax residency with outcomes under double tax agreements at this stage. The rationale behind this decision is to avoid adding complexity for taxpayers with otherwise straightforward tax affairs.

Conclusion: The proposed consultation on modernizing individual tax residency rules offers a valuable opportunity for individuals, stakeholders, and experts to contribute to the shaping of future tax regulations. By incorporating input from various perspectives, the government aims to establish a contemporary and robust framework that ensures fairness, simplicity, and effectiveness. If you wish to have your voice heard on this important matter, the Treasury welcomes comments and feedback until 22nd September 2023.

Source: "Modernising the individual tax residency rules," Treasury website, 21 July 2023, accessed 21 July 2023.

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